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Buenas tardes!! Hello dear amigos!! Another week, another place… today I’m writing this post from my sofa at home in Tenerife. Yes, I’m back! After a few months of living the brit’s life it’s quite weird to be back in Spain for some weeks off. Even tho I’m now off Uni and work for a bit, I’m working on loads of exciting things which I’ll slowly share with you and of course, catching up with family and friends are my Nº1 job atm…

Today’s post is about this amazing creation. A couple of weeks ago I went to an event with my friend Helen where I met a lovely lady who was promoting these waters. I was lucky to be given one of each of them to try myself and share with you in my blog! 🙂 VEG Waters by J.F Rabbit are basically veg juice mixed with water. So far they’ve released three flavours: Cucumber, Beetroot and Ginger.

Me being an infused water lover I was super excited to try these out! And I have to say, I’m really impressed! These waters aren’t infused, so the flavour is richer and it can feel like you’re drinking a juice, for example, with the Beetroot one. The cucumber water had a celery after taste for me which was quite refreshing and the ginger one was strong and cleansing.

Each of these waters have a huge amount of benefits. You’re not only hydrating yourself, but you’re also providing your body with loads of vitamins and minerals which can help your skin, stomach, and body in general. Some of these benefits include:

IN CUCUMBERS: Avoids inflammation, rich in antioxidants, helps digestion…

IN BEETROOTS: Boost stamina, fights inflammation, lowers your blood pressure, detox…

IN GINGER: Reduces nausea and vomiting, may reduce muscle pain, anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol levels…

So if you are one of those who hate to drink water because it’s taste, this could be a great alternative for you. And even if you are a water fan like me, and you’re always carrying a water bottle with you, this can also be something different to have in mind and change your waters a bit 😉

I hope you give these a go and please let me know in the comments if you have tried them or if you’re thinking about trying them. I personally think they’re great!

Have an awesome day!




Buenas tardes!! Otra semana, otro lugar… hoy estoy escribiendo este post sentada desde el sillón de mi casa en Tenerife. Sí, he vuelto! Después de unos meses de vivir la vida británica es bastante raro estar de vuelta en España por unas semanas de vacaciones. Aunque ahora mismo no tenga que trabajar o ir a la Uni, estoy trabajando en muchas cosas muy guays que poco a poco iré compartiendo con ustedes y como no, pasar tiempo con mi familia y amigos es mi tarea Nº1 de momento…

El post de hoy va dedicado a esta increíble creación. Hace unas semanas, fui a un evento con mi amiga Helen donde conocí a una chica super amable que ofrecía estas aguas. Tuve la suerte de que me diera una de cada para probar y compartir con ustedes en mi blog! 🙂 VEG Waters por J.F Rabbit son básicamente zumo de verduras mezclado con agua. De momento tienen sabores de: pepino, betarrada/remolacha y jengibre.

Yo siendo una amante de las aguas impregnadas de sabor tenía muchas ganas de probar éstas! Y debo decir, que estoy muy impresionada! Estas aguas no están impregnadas (como beber agua con rodajas de limón por ejemplo), así que el sabor es más fuerte y puedes sentir que bebes un zumo, por ejemplo, con el de remolacha. Para mí, el agua de pepino tenía un sabor final a apio y el de jengibre era fuerte y desintoxicante.

Cada una de estas aguas tienen una gran cantidad de beneficios. No solo te estarás hidratando, también estarás brindándole a tu cuerpo un montón de vitaminas y minerales que pueden ayudar a tu piel, estómago y cuerpo en general. Algunos de estos beneficios incluyen:

EN EL PEPINO: Evita la inflamación, rico en intoxidantes, ayuda a la digestión…

EN LA REMOLACHA: Aumenta el stamina, lucha contra la inflamación, baja la presión en la sangre, desintoxica…

EN EL JENGIBRE: Reduce náuseas y vómitos, puede reducir dolor muscular, anti-inflamatorio, baja los niveles de colesterol…

Así que si eres uno de esos que odian beber agua por su sabor, ésta podría ser una gran alternativa para tí. Y aún si eres un fan del agua como yo y siempre llevas una botella contigo, ésto podría ser algo diferente para tener en mente y cambiar tus aguas de vez en cuando 😉

Espero que le des una prueba tú mism@ y hazme saber en los comentarios y si has probado o piensas probar estas aguas. Personalmente creo que son geniales!

Que tengas un día genial!




Good Afternoon guys!! boy… it’s been a few hectic months! Trying to get a degree whilst working part-time ain’t easy at all. Last month I finally finished my 1st year of Uni, turned 21 years old, celebrated like crazy and went travelling for 3 weeks. Yes, a lot of things for just a month, right? The truth is, I enjoyed every single minute of my beloved June this year… I don’t want to rant too much about my travels as I’m planning on posting exclusively about them in other posts 😉

So now that I’m back in London and free from Uni you might be wondering what the hell am I doing here and not back home in Tenerife? The answer is: I’m working on loads of things! Exciting projects and collabs coming! 😀

When I arrived from the airport the other day I got home and had no food in my kitchen but some muesli, jam and some new J.F Rabbit bottles waiting for me in the fridge 😛 The J.F Rabbit team were so lovely to send them to me a few weeks ago and of course, I had no time to try them, until now! 🙂

If you saw my earlier post about them on my blog, you’ll probably know how much I loved the idea of VEG infused waters. They now rebranded their packaging and drinks and sent me their new collection for me to re-review, if that makes sense? 🙂

The first thing that surprised me was that there was no Beetroot Water anymore! and they swapped it for this Carrot Water with Orange Blossom 😛 Another thing that they’ve improved is that now all of their waters contain your daily dose of Vitamin C and Zinc! so if you are worried that you aren’t getting enough of it or want to get some more benefits from your amazing drinking habit, one bottle will be good for the day!

So, my personal review tasting wise would be pretty similar to the one before but with a few changes.

The cucumber water tastes literally like if the bottle had cucumber slices inside. So fresh, and no celery after taste!

The ginger water tastes pretty much the same as the one before and I have to say: it’s my favourite!

The carrot water is in my opinion much nicer in taste than the beetroot water and rather than drink it straight, I’d like to try it on soups!

As I said in my previous review about this brand, I think this would be the perfect idea for those of you who find it hard to drink water because you might not like the taste of plain water or you just can’t catch the habit, maybe you find one of these you really love and you can stay hydrated at all times? 🙂

Thank you to J.F. Rabbit for sending these to me, I’m so happy I get to share these amazing finds through here and can hopefully inspire you to achieve a healthier lifestyle 🙂


See you in another post!



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