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Fave white dress for a Summer date night. Of course, an oversized denim jacket will always be my best friend when it comes to combining dressy with urban styles.

love xx


PS:So in love with TOBI’s beautiful pieces, thank you for sending me some of them!

Check out their line: HERE

Photography by: Ben Wood.

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Good Afternoon guys!! boy… it’s been a few hectic months! Trying to get a degree whilst working part-time ain’t easy at all. Last month I finally finished my 1st year of Uni, turned 21 years old, celebrated like crazy and went travelling for 3 weeks. Yes, a lot of things for just a month, right? The truth is, I enjoyed every single minute of my beloved June this year… I don’t want to rant too much about my travels as I’m planning on posting exclusively about them in other posts 😉

So now that I’m back in London and free from Uni you might be wondering what the hell am I doing here and not back home in Tenerife? The answer is: I’m working on loads of things! Exciting projects and collabs coming! 😀

When I arrived from the airport the other day I got home and had no food in my kitchen but some muesli, jam and some new J.F Rabbit bottles waiting for me in the fridge 😛 The J.F Rabbit team were so lovely to send them to me a few weeks ago and of course, I had no time to try them, until now! 🙂

If you saw my earlier post about them on my blog, you’ll probably know how much I loved the idea of VEG infused waters. They now rebranded their packaging and drinks and sent me their new collection for me to re-review, if that makes sense? 🙂

The first thing that surprised me was that there was no Beetroot Water anymore! and they swapped it for this Carrot Water with Orange Blossom 😛 Another thing that they’ve improved is that now all of their waters contain your daily dose of Vitamin C and Zinc! so if you are worried that you aren’t getting enough of it or want to get some more benefits from your amazing drinking habit, one bottle will be good for the day!

So, my personal review tasting wise would be pretty similar to the one before but with a few changes.

The cucumber water tastes literally like if the bottle had cucumber slices inside. So fresh, and no celery after taste!

The ginger water tastes pretty much the same as the one before and I have to say: it’s my favourite!

The carrot water is in my opinion much nicer in taste than the beetroot water and rather than drink it straight, I’d like to try it on soups!

As I said in my previous review about this brand, I think this would be the perfect idea for those of you who find it hard to drink water because you might not like the taste of plain water or you just can’t catch the habit, maybe you find one of these you really love and you can stay hydrated at all times? 🙂

Thank you to J.F. Rabbit for sending these to me, I’m so happy I get to share these amazing finds through here and can hopefully inspire you to achieve a healthier lifestyle 🙂


See you in another post!



Check J.F Rabbit Waters HERE

Read my earlier review about them HERE


TOP: Brandy Melville / SHORTS: Brandy Melville / Bikini: Missguided / Cap: Diesel / Trainers: old cheerleading shoes / Bag: Missguided / Sunglasses: MissPap



Hey guys! 😀 Long time no see! I had a few problems uploading images to my blog so I wasn’t able to post for a while… sorry :/

But! I’m back! And I have tons of photos from my trip to Portugal with Ben last month! 😀 so get ready for a Portugal Spam 😉

These pics are from one of my favourite days ever, we cycled for 3 hours and a half around Algarve’s Coast and we found some beautiful beaches. My favourite one? Praia Marinha.


Hola chic@s! 😀 Cuanto tiempo! He estado teniendo varios problemas para subir fotos al blog así que por eso no he podido hacer posts este último tiempo… lo siento :/

Pero! Estoy de vuelta! Y tengo un montón de fotos de mi viaje a Portugal con Ben el último mes! 😀 Así que prepárense para un spam de Portugal 😉

Estas son algunas de las fotos de uno de mis días favoritos, montamos en bicicleta durante 3 horas y media alrededor de la costa de Algarve y encontramos unas playas maravillosas. My favorita? Praia Marinha.


Happy Valentines Day!

Either you have or not a date to celebrate this day, LOVE should be demonstrated every single day (in my opinion). Ben came to see me for a long weekend and stayed til today. Remembering our past Valentines experiences featuring me forgetting Ben’s rose at the London Eye or having to spend it over the distance when I was in Tenerife… today was the day, our 4th Valentines celebration was going to be right! So we headed to “Vegan Hippo” for brunch, where you can choose a super cute little animal toy to redeem your order… (we chose the monkey)


Walked around Soho proudly wearing my new Openminded t-shirt… (CLICK HERE TO GET IT)


And got a stranger to take a photo of us after struggling with the self-timer!


It may look like a super simple day… It kind of was! But I enjoyed every single minute of it!

What did you do for Valentines Day? 🙂

Let me know in the comments! See you in another post!



Check out “Vegan Hippo” amazing cafe in Soho (London): 🙂

T-SHIRT: Openminded / JEANS: Diesel / SHOES: Pretty Little Thing / BAG: Zara /HANKY: super old / SUNGLASSES: RayBan

“HAIR” by Sam McKnight



Good Morning!! Woah, it’s been long since my last post! The last few weeks I’ve been super busy working for my Uni deadlines but I’m finally done! Yesterday I travelled to Devon to visit Ben’s family and some friends and I’m just so happy and excited to be here! I wanted to write this post since last tuesday night when I went to see this amazing exhibition with my friends Roisin and Ray. “HAIR” is an exhibition by one of the best and well known hair stylists: Sam McKnight. As you walk into this exhibition, you emerge yourself in a world of glamour, fashion and style. With different sections dedicated to his own work, collaborations (ex: Nick Knight) and collections, this is one of the most beautiful fashion exhibitions I’ve ever been to. This exhibition made me appreciate the importance of hair styling in the Fashion World and I discovered the amount of well-known work that Sam has done over his career. During that evening we also went to a “Fashionably Late” talk by the model: Jenny Howorth, which worked closely with Sam during her career in the 80’s. It was so interesting to hear from her the amount of experiences she had in her job and how much the fashion BTS has changed in the last 2/3 decades. As I already posted quite a lot of photos, I don’t want to keep talking about how awesome this exhibition is, you should discover it yourself. I highly recommend going if you’re around London.

The exhibition will be opened until the 12th March of 2017 at Somerset House.

See you in another post! Hopefully very soon!




Buen Día!! Woah, ha pasado mucho tiempo desde mi último post! Estas últimas semanas he estado super ocupada trabajando para mis finales pero finalmente ya terminé! Ayer viajé a Devon a visitar a la familia de Ben y a algunos amigos y estoy super contenta y emocionada de estar aquí! Quería escribir este post desde el martes pasado por la noche cuando fui a ver esta exhibición con mis amigos Roisin y Ray. “HAIR”  es una exhibición por uno de los mejores estilistas de cabello más reconocidos: Sam McKnight. Al entrar en esta exhibición te encuentras sumergido en un mundo de glamour, moda y estilo. Con diferentes secciones dedicadas a su propio trabajo, colaboraciones (por ejemplo: Nick Knight) y colecciones, esta es una de las exhibiciones de moda más preciosas que he visitado. Esta exhibición me hizo apreciar la importancia del estilismo del cabello en la industria de la moda y descubrí la cantidad de trabajo conocido que Sam ha producido durante su carrera. Durante esa noche también acudimos a una de las charlas de “Fashionably Late” por la modelo Jenny Haworth, quien trabajo de cerca con Sam durante su carrera en los años 80. Fue muy interesante escuchar de su boca la cantidad de experiencias que tuvo gracias a su trabajo y como estar entre bastidores ha cambiado en las últimas 2/3 décadas. Como ya subí bastantes fotos, no quiero seguir hablando de lo increíble que fue esta exhibición, tienes que descubrirlo por tu cuenta. Realmente recomiendo que vayas si estás por Londres.

Esta exhibición va a estar abierta hasta el 12 de Marzo de 2017 en Somerset House.

Nos vemos en otro post! Espero que muy pronto!



gettin’ cheeeesy










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Hey guys!! Today it was such a happy day! Ben (my boyfriend, who lives in the UK) came to visit me! and he’s gonna stay for a few weeks with me which gets me so excited because we even have a “Summer Bucket List” full of really cool plans! He arrived this morning so tired after having a full night of travelling and no sleep. So when we got home from the airport I decided to get cheesy and make him a lil’ snack.

So it’s been a while since I’ve made cheese toasties… I used to take them to Sixth Form quite a lot…

I grabbed some ordinary wholewheat sliced bread and filled it with a slice of vegan Edam cheese and sprinkled quite a bit of vegan Emmental cheese 😛 I also sprinkled a bit of black pepper to give it a little kick! Obviously this recipe doesn’t have any science at all, is just a cheese toastie… but! I thought it would be nice to show you how a very common dish/snack can be made vegan! I got the cheeses at “Herbolario Nueva Luna” here in the South of  Tenerife in the same shopping centre as “La Pepa Food Market” just in the bottom, close to the entry 🙂 They’re made here in the Canary Islands and they’re from the brand “Burguer Mel”.

Ben loved it! I also made myself one yesterday and hell yeah, that was good!

See you tomorrow!!




Hola chic@s!! Hoy ha sido un día muy feliz! Ben (mi novio, que vive en Reino Unido) me vino a visitar! Y va a quedarse durante unas semanas conmigo, lo que me anima un montón porque hasta tenemos una “Lista de Verano” llena de planes super guays! Él llegó esta mañana super cansado después de pasar la noche en vela y viajando. Así que cuando llegó a casa del aeropuerto decidí volverme “cheesy” y le preparé un pequeño snack.

Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que hacía tostados de queso… solía llevarlos bastante al Sixth Form…

Cogí el típico pan de molde integral y lo rellené con una loncha de queso vegano Edam y espolvoreé una cantidad generosa de queso vegano Emmental 😛 También añadí un poquito de pimienta negra para darle un toque distinto! Obviamente esta receta no tiene mucha ciencia que digamos, es simplemente un tostado de queso… pero! Pensé que estaría guay poder enseñar como un plato/snack tan popular y común puede ser hecho vegano! Conseguimos los quesos en el “Herbolario Nueva Luna” aquí en el Sur de Tenerife en el mismo centro comercial donde está “La Pepa Food Market” pero en la parte de abajo, cerca de la entrada 🙂 Los quesos son hechos aquí en las Islas Canarias y son de la marca “Burguer Mel”.

A Ben le encantó! También me hice uno para mí ayer y madre mía, estaba ideal!

Nos vemos mañana!!