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Hey guys! Long time no see! Back at Uni, changed job and working on Peaches, life has been crazy lately! But I can’t complain… I love it!

Last week the guys from Bumble Zest were kind enough to send me some healthy shots to try (with the amount of work and lack of sleep I’ve been having lately, this is perfect right now).

So I received this beautifully wrapped box with two of their Calm & Comfort and Propel┬á& Protect bottles. Both of them vegan of course! This drinks can be taken as shots or diluted in water, I personally rather to drink them with water as it tastes a bit like a sports drink I used to love when I was little called “Gatorade” but way more natural a healthier for you! ­čÖé

My favourite? I can’t decide (although I have a bit of a love thing with the Chamomile, Lavender and Spirulina shots :P) . I love the fact that the ingredients are not many and I actually know what each of them are. I’d definitely give this a go if you are looking for a health boost, trying to include more nutrients into your ┬ádiet or if you simply love a sweet drink that is good for you!

Have a great week!

See you soon xx


PS: Check out my friends from Bumble Zest’s Instagram:┬áHERE

Link to their website: HERE