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Hey guys! So Zaful reached out to me not long ago offering to send me some pieces from their website! So I thought I’d make a wish list of my favourite items from this season and share it with you! I’m still not 100% sure on everything I will order, but so far I’m pretty decided on the camouflage workout two piece… it’s getting colder and you might know that I spend more time in gym wear than actual clothes haha! 😀 what are YOUR favourite pieces?

Have a great weekend!




Hola chic@s! Zaful me contactó no hace mucho ofreciéndome enviarme algunas piezas de su tienda online! Así que se pensé en compartir una lista con mis ítems favoritos de esta temporada con ustedes! Todavía no estoy 100% segura en todo lo que pediré, pero de momento estoy bastante decidida en el conjunto de entrenar de camuflaje… el frío está volviendo y ya sabréis que paso más tiempo con ropa de gimnasia que ropa de salir jaja! 😀 cuales son VUESTRAS piezas favoritas?

Que tengan un finde estupendo!




Brunching with Ben & TOBI


Heya guys! Welcome to another post! 🙂 The truth is I’ve been trying to upload the photos for this post since Saturday evening, but my photos were too big in size and therefore it took me ages to get them all in the post!

So, on saturday, Ben and I decided to go brunching at Palm Vaults for the very 1st time and oh boy… I have to tell you, it’s my new fave cafe spot in London. If you, like me, love pink, plants, creamy lattes and aesthetically pleasing spots, then this is the place for you. Not only their menu is mostly vegan, they have the most beautiful dishes and drinks! And YES! they taste amazing too!

I don’t know about you, but I love to ask for lots of different dishes and share them with Ben so we get to try a big variety, that’s what brunch is all about as well, right? 😛 Here is what we ordered:

  • Pink Pitaya Smoothie Bowl (filling, refreshing and perfect for that IG picture)
  • Chocolate Vegan Mini-Cake (decorated with some gold coated hazelnuts, strong and lovely)
  • Orange + Rhubarb Vegan Mini-Cake (my favourite thing from everything I tried, A-MA-ZING)
  • Matcha Tea Latte (Ben had this, I’m not a fan of tea lattes, but he loved it!)
  • Lavender Cafe Latte (yes, it still has the coffee taste, but they sweeten it up with some agave and add lavender to it, so LUSH, but I’d recommend order something savoury to go with it 😉 )
  • Avocado on Toast (we added sundried tomatoes – #foodporn)
  • Almond Butter, Berries, Bananas… on toast (It’s got a really cool name which I forgot, but would be my ideal breakfast every morning, sooo good and filling!!)

I guess you can tell that for sure we’ll be back and I’ll spam you again with photos of this place and it’s amazing food. If you noticed that in the title I said I was brunching with Ben and Tobi, I was actually not joking. TOBI sent me some beautiful pieces that I chose from their website last week and I decided to style them on saturday for my brunch trip with my boyfriend 😛 I’m so in love with this american brand and so happy to be able to collab with them. Definitely check their clothes out, I want the whole website in my wardrobe <3


Palm Vaults Instagram: HERE

Hope you have an amazing start of the week! I’m gonna go back to the gym tomorrow and kill it!


Bye-bye! See ya! Hasta prontito! 🙂




Heya!! Happy Monday! Today I finally had some quality time with Ben and we both decided to go and check out this new pop-up ice cream shop in Shoreditch: NANABAR. I found this place on Instagram about 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier that finally someone decided to open a nice cream shop in London! Just on time for this super hot weather. If you are not vegan, you might haven’t heard about the term: “NICECREAM” well, it basically stands for ice cream but without the cruelty that dairy brings, that’s where the word “nice” comes from… and I guess it’s a way of calling a vegan ice cream differently, especially when it’s made of frozen bananas, like these guys you’ve just seen in the pictures. We actually had lunch there and I couldn’t even finish my serving! They have a flavour each day of the week and today we were lucky to try the “Strawberry Shortcake” one, with an extra shot of peanut butter 😛 (really recommend adding the PB) I could go on and on on the benefits and coolness of these kind of ice creams and this place, but I really think you should try it for yourself 🙂 (FUN FACT: this was the first nice cream I had in my life that I didn’t make myself!, crazy right?)

Ben and I can’t wait to be back! Oh! and hurry, because their pop up store will be open just for 3 months!

Check out their Instagram: HERE

Have a great week! 🙂





Morning! Bonjour! Buenos Días! 🙂 It’s nearly the weekend and I’m so ready for a day off Uni and work. Ever since I moved to London my diet has been changing slightly from RawTill4 to HCLF. If you don’t know about either of these terms, look it up on Google or ask in the comments below 🙂

The truth is, by not having access to cheap local organic produce and being always rushing and on the go made me adapt myself to a more flexible diet. Back in the Sixth Form days about 2 years ago, I used to get my Graze box delivered each week with 4 yummy snacks to have with me on the go. Since I’ve been vegan I kind of thought they wouldn’t have many vegan options and didn’t think of ordering with them anymore. Until now! I found out you can now select your dietary requirements and choose which type of box you’d like. So Ben and I decided to give it a go and I went for the variety box and Ben for the chocolate box, both made vegan of course.

They just got delivered! And I enjoyed my first snack this afternoon with a cup of green tea. I think this is a great idea if you are always travelling and don’t always have time to stop by a supermarket or your house every time you get hungry. You can choose how many times you want your box delivered (we chose once a week) and your can cancel or snooze your subscription anytime 🙂

So if you would like to give it a go, I have something for you! You can get your 1st,5th and 10th boxes for FREE using the code: NURIAM63B

And if after your 1st box you don’t want to order more, you can cancel it with no problem 🙂 If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments down below!

Get your free box: HERE

See ya in another post!



PD: Not sponsored.


Buenos días! Bonjour! Good Morning! 🙂 Ya casi es el fin de semana y estoy más que lista para tener un día sin trabajo y sin Uni. Desde que me mudé a Londres mi dieta ha pasado a ser de RawTill4 a HCLF. Si no conoces alguno de estos términos, míralo en Google o pregunta en los comentarios 🙂

La verdad es que, al no tener acceso a productos locales orgánicos a buen precio y estar siempre corriendo ha hecho que me adapte a una dieta más flexible. Atrás en los días de Sixth Form hace unos dos años, solían entregarme mi caja Graze cada semana con 4 ricos snacks que me acompañaban en mis trayectos. Desde que me hice vegana siempre pensé que no tendrían muchas opciones para mí y dejé de pedir las cajas. Hasta ahora! Me enteré de que puedes seleccionar tus requisitos dietéticos y puedes elegir que tipo de caja quieres. Así que Ben y yo decidimos probarlo. Yo pedí la caja de variedad y Ben la caja de chocolate, ambas hechas veganas por supuesto.

Y ya llegaron! Esta tarde disfruté mi primer snack con una taza de té verde. Creo que ésta es una idea genial si estás siempre viajando y no tienes tiempo de pasar por un supermercado o por tu casa cada vez que te entra el apetito. Puedes elegir cuantas veces quieres que te llegue una caja (nosotros elegimos una vez por semana) y puedes cancelar o “adormecer” tu subscripción en cualquier momento 🙂

Así que si quieres probarlo, tengo algo para tí! Puedes conseguir tu 1º, 5º y 10º cajas GRATIS usando el código: NURIAM63B

Y si después de tu primera caja no quieres recibir más, puedes cancelarla sin problema 🙂 Si tienes cualquier pregunta, házmelo saber en los comentarios de abajo!

Consigue tu caja gratis: AQUÍ

Nos vemos en otro post!



PD: Sin spónsor.


Hey Guys! Welcome to another post! I know what you might be thinking… “two posts in the same week?” , “Am I crazy?” , “Did I quit Uni or my job?”… NO. But sometimes I do make an effort…

Today I had the opportunity to be part of London Fashion Week Festival as a photographer!

Not only I had so much fun, but it was such a cool and amazing experience!

So the first catwalk I attended to was the “TREND” show, which featured some of the biggest trends that will be part of the Spring/Summer 17 fashion collections. Featuring clothes from different amazing brands, here is a brief summary of some of the styles that you will find in stores this season. I hope this post inspires you!


Hola chic@s! Bienvenid@s a otro post! Sé lo que estarán pensando… “dos posts en una misma semana?”, “Estoy loca?”, “Renuncié a la Uni o a mi trabajo?”… NO. Pero a veces hago un esfuerzo…

Hoy tuve la oportunidad de ser parte de la Semana de la Moda de Londres como fotógrafa!

No solo me divertí muchísimo, pero tuve una experiencia increíble!

El primer desfile al que acudí fue el show de “TENDENCIA”, que reunía algunas de las tendencias más populares que formarán parte de las colecciones de moda de Primavera/Verano 2017. Combinando piezas de distintas marcas, aquí hay un pequeño sumario de algunos de los estilos que encontrarás en las tiendas esta temporada. Espero que este post te inspire!



Which one is your favourite photo? // Cuál es tu foto favorita?




Happy Valentines Day!

Either you have or not a date to celebrate this day, LOVE should be demonstrated every single day (in my opinion). Ben came to see me for a long weekend and stayed til today. Remembering our past Valentines experiences featuring me forgetting Ben’s rose at the London Eye or having to spend it over the distance when I was in Tenerife… today was the day, our 4th Valentines celebration was going to be right! So we headed to “Vegan Hippo” for brunch, where you can choose a super cute little animal toy to redeem your order… (we chose the monkey)


Walked around Soho proudly wearing my new Openminded t-shirt… (CLICK HERE TO GET IT)


And got a stranger to take a photo of us after struggling with the self-timer!


It may look like a super simple day… It kind of was! But I enjoyed every single minute of it!

What did you do for Valentines Day? 🙂

Let me know in the comments! See you in another post!



Check out “Vegan Hippo” amazing cafe in Soho (London): https://veganhippo.com 🙂

T-SHIRT: Openminded / JEANS: Diesel / SHOES: Pretty Little Thing / BAG: Zara /HANKY: super old / SUNGLASSES: RayBan

“HAIR” by Sam McKnight



Good Morning!! Woah, it’s been long since my last post! The last few weeks I’ve been super busy working for my Uni deadlines but I’m finally done! Yesterday I travelled to Devon to visit Ben’s family and some friends and I’m just so happy and excited to be here! I wanted to write this post since last tuesday night when I went to see this amazing exhibition with my friends Roisin and Ray. “HAIR” is an exhibition by one of the best and well known hair stylists: Sam McKnight. As you walk into this exhibition, you emerge yourself in a world of glamour, fashion and style. With different sections dedicated to his own work, collaborations (ex: Nick Knight) and collections, this is one of the most beautiful fashion exhibitions I’ve ever been to. This exhibition made me appreciate the importance of hair styling in the Fashion World and I discovered the amount of well-known work that Sam has done over his career. During that evening we also went to a “Fashionably Late” talk by the model: Jenny Howorth, which worked closely with Sam during her career in the 80’s. It was so interesting to hear from her the amount of experiences she had in her job and how much the fashion BTS has changed in the last 2/3 decades. As I already posted quite a lot of photos, I don’t want to keep talking about how awesome this exhibition is, you should discover it yourself. I highly recommend going if you’re around London.

The exhibition will be opened until the 12th March of 2017 at Somerset House.

See you in another post! Hopefully very soon!




Buen Día!! Woah, ha pasado mucho tiempo desde mi último post! Estas últimas semanas he estado super ocupada trabajando para mis finales pero finalmente ya terminé! Ayer viajé a Devon a visitar a la familia de Ben y a algunos amigos y estoy super contenta y emocionada de estar aquí! Quería escribir este post desde el martes pasado por la noche cuando fui a ver esta exhibición con mis amigos Roisin y Ray. “HAIR”  es una exhibición por uno de los mejores estilistas de cabello más reconocidos: Sam McKnight. Al entrar en esta exhibición te encuentras sumergido en un mundo de glamour, moda y estilo. Con diferentes secciones dedicadas a su propio trabajo, colaboraciones (por ejemplo: Nick Knight) y colecciones, esta es una de las exhibiciones de moda más preciosas que he visitado. Esta exhibición me hizo apreciar la importancia del estilismo del cabello en la industria de la moda y descubrí la cantidad de trabajo conocido que Sam ha producido durante su carrera. Durante esa noche también acudimos a una de las charlas de “Fashionably Late” por la modelo Jenny Haworth, quien trabajo de cerca con Sam durante su carrera en los años 80. Fue muy interesante escuchar de su boca la cantidad de experiencias que tuvo gracias a su trabajo y como estar entre bastidores ha cambiado en las últimas 2/3 décadas. Como ya subí bastantes fotos, no quiero seguir hablando de lo increíble que fue esta exhibición, tienes que descubrirlo por tu cuenta. Realmente recomiendo que vayas si estás por Londres.

Esta exhibición va a estar abierta hasta el 12 de Marzo de 2017 en Somerset House.

Nos vemos en otro post! Espero que muy pronto!














Jumpsuit: HERE / Boots: H&M / Bag: PARFOIS (old) / Choker: TWINKLEDEALS

[Say my name (Nuria Molins Larripa) at the MISSGUIDED checkout for £5 off! – Di mi nombre (Nuria Molins Larripa) en el checkout de MISSGUIDED para conseguir £5 de descuento]

Heya! Happy last day of November! As we say hello to the Festive month, I’m trying to hide from tacky Christmas jumpers… haha! We had a deadline today at Uni and I have another one next week. But after that I will be done for this term and I will be free and shooting err day!! (jokes, I don’t think I could afford shooting new outfits every day haha).

Cyber Weekend got me crazy! I nearly have all my Christmas presents sorted now but not quite yet! I also treated myself to some Victoria’s Secret and Missguided shopping… and no, actually this jumpsuit is not one of them. Am I the only one who hasn’t received their Black Friday and Cyber Monday online shopping yet? I guess I’m too anxious when it’s about new clothes!

Anyways, I’ll have to go back home now and hit the gym! I’m finally getting back in the routine of getting more sleep and working out and I’m loving it! 😀

Have a great week!




Hola! Feliz Último día de Noviembre! Damos la bienvenida al mes de Navidad y yo comienzo a esconderme de los estrafalarios jerséis navideños… haha! Hoy tuvimos un fin de plazo en la Uni y tenemos otro más la semana que viene. Pero después de eso habré terminado este trimestre y seré libre y sacaré fotos cada día!! (broma, no creo que me pueda permitir sacar fotos de conjuntos nuevos cada día hahaha).

El Cyber Weekend me volvió loca! Ya tengo casi todos mis regalos de Navidad listos pero no terminados! También me autoregalé varias compras en Victoria’s Secret y Missguided… y no, este mono no es una de esas compras. Soy la única que todavía no ha recibido sus compras de Black Friday y Cyber Monday? Supongo que cuando se trata de ropa nueva soy super ansiosa!

De todas formas, tengo que volver a casa ahora e ir al gym! Finalmente estoy volviendo a mi rutina de dormir más horas y entrenar y me encanta! 😀

Que tengan una semana genial!





15145065_1504173469599482_175730461_o collage15152327_1504173472932815_623997408_o


Hey guys! I hope your weekend is going great! I can’t believe December is so close! And so it’s Christmas!! OMG I need to start getting Christmas presents asap! Have you already started? Anyways, another thing which is very close is Black Friday! oh yeah! I can’t wait to hit the shopping centres and taking advantage of the big discounts! (#prayfornuriaspurse)

Btw, how cute is this baby pink co-ord from the Carli Bybel collection for Missguided? I got it over Summer and I couldn’t wait to wear it this Autumn! I know… another pastel outfit, I can’t help it! I’m just really in love with it! 😀

See ya in another post!




Hola chic@s! Espero que vuestro finde este yendo de maravilla! No puedo creer que Diciembre esté tan cerca! Y también Navidad! MADRE MÍA, tengo que comenzar YA a comprar regalos de Navidad! Ya habéis empezado? De todas formas, otra cosa que está muy cerca es Black Friday! sí! No puedo esperar a llegar a los centros comerciales y tomar ventaja de los grandes descuentos! (#rezaporlabilleteradenuria) 

Por cierto, a que este co-ord rosa bebé de la colección de Carli Bybel para Missguided es super mono? Lo conseguí en Verano y tenía muchas ganas de lucirlo este Otoño! Lo sé, otro conjunto en tonos pastel, no lo puedo evitar! Estoy enamorada de esta gama de colores! 😀

Nos vemos en otro post!